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Helen Money
Helen Money
RELEASED 02-15-2007

Helen Money is Alison Chesley's debut release on Cellobird Records. Writing in an idiom usually reserved for electric guitars, Chesley pushes the limits of her cello sonically without losing sight of it's natural ability to touch people. The songs are raw, melodic, and often dark, ranging from the punk-rock intensity of Iggy to the minimal, hypnotic Block. Alison's cover of Neil Young's Birds is powerful in it's simplicity, capturing the bittersweet quality of the original.


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1.Dreaming 3:55
2.Hum 4:45
3.Jackson 3:01
4.Birds 2:46
5.I'll See You In Hell 8:12
6.Song For My Sister 2:28
7.Block 3:16
8.Iggy 2:26
9.Mondo 3:45
10.Hendrix 1:52
11....In Love With The Whole Wide World 4:22
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