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TC in DC
Terry Callier
RELEASED 10-10-1996

This previously unreleased recording comes from a set of tapes from a 1982 show in Washington, D.C. (site unspecified), as TC in DC. This live album contains seven songs, including some of Terry Callier's most popular compositions--the romantic valentine "Butterfly," the call for third world liberation, "African Violet," the upbeat anthem "Be a Believer," and the inspirational ballad "What Color Is Love?" Playing acoustic guitar himself and accompanied by string bassist Eric Hochberg and conga drummer Penn McGee, Callier brings his gospel background to his optimistic (if somewhat simplistic) visions of social problems dissolving before the good will of concerned people. --Geoffrey Himes


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1.Mrs. Beasley 8:43
2.Butterfly 4:55
3.Holdin' On 6:17
4.Intro To Afican Violet 1:18
5.African Violet 7:27
6.Big City 6:42
7.Be A Believer 6:11
8.What Color Is Love 6:27
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