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Good Forever
Von Freeman
RELEASED 08-15-2006

"Good Forever" finds Chicago tenor titan Von Freeman once again in the company of drummer Jimmy Cobb, pianist Richard Wyands and bassist John Webber, the trio that backed him on his 2004 Premonition release "The Great Divide." That record was a tribute album of sorts, dedicated to Von's saxophone heroes Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Charlie Parker. A program of mostly Ballads and Blues, "Good Forever," sets an entirely different mood. "This is the kind of album I've wanted to do for some time," says Freeman. "It's dedicated to all my lady fans and that about says it all." Known around the world for his abilities to blow through any set of changes at any tempo, inhabit Free jazz as if he invented the idiom and Swing harder than anyone playing jazz today he proves on "Good Forever" that he can sweet talk as well. And in the process, the 83 year old Freeman proves that an artist needn't abandon his creativity to play for the people.

NOTE: Good Forever is 41:22 Total Time. We made it this way because we feel it is "complete" at this length.


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1.Why Try To Change Me Now 8:02
2.An Affair To Remember 8:23
3.A Night In Paris 5:57
4.Smile 3:11
5.I'll Never Be Free 8:42
6.Didn't We 7:07
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