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Bow River Falls
Douglas/Sclavis, et al
RELEASED 08-24-2004

This album received a rave 4 star review from DownBeat Magazine which said, "this quartet of musicians have a signature sound that many ensembles take years of refinement to achieve." The Boston Phoenix called Bow River Falls "one of the loveliest jazz releases of the summer." The album is noteworthy not only for it's personnel but also the program of pieces that includes revealing reworkings of some important Sclavis, Douglas and Lee compositions.

Musicians: Dave Douglas, trumpet; Louis Sclavis, clarinet & bass clarinet; Peggy Lee, cello; Dylan van der Schyff, drums & laptop.


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1.Blinks 2:34
2.Bow River Falls 5:09
3.Fete Forraine 5:14
4.Window 4:24
5.Maputo 7:03
6.Petals 5:23
7.Retracing 2 6:37
8.Dernier Regards/Vol 3:02
9.Woman At Pint Zero 8:16
10.Dark Water 5:22
11.Paradox 5:23
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