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7 Black Butterflies
Drew Gress
RELEASED 01-08-2005

New York bassist Drew Gress proves on 7 Black Butterflies that he is an exciting force to be reckoned with in today's avant garde jazz scene. Not only are his talents as a musician showcased here, but the fact that all tracks on 7 Black Butterflies are composed and arranged by Gress himself is testament to his writing strengths and ability as a successful band leader. Gress's quintet is comprised of some of the most talented avant garde musicians around who clearly enjoy playing off one another. The quintet includes trumpeter Ralph Alessi, fellow New Yorker Tim Berne on alto sax, Tom Rainey on drums and Craig Taborn on piano. Once those first notes are unleashed you'll know you stumbled onto something special. From the gradual 'buzz', 'pluck' and 'screeching' introduction of the opener "Rhinoceros," to the hard bop drive of "Bright Idea," to the bass centered "Bas Relief," to the free flowing highlight "Low Slung/ High Strung," 7 Black Butterflies is a worthwhile flight into the void, a sonic journey not to be missed. --Rob Bracco


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1.Rhinoceros 8:25
2.Bright Idea 8:51
3.New Leaf 5:49
4.Zaftig 8:39
5.Bas Relief :59
6.Blue On One Side 6:16
7.Wing & Prayer 6:14
8.Low Slung/High Strung 8:59
9.Like It Never Was 4:27
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