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Cafe Blue
Patricia Barber
RELEASED 09-14-1994

Barber's first for Premonition, this one introduced her powerful quartet of the time featuring John McLean on guitar and Mark Walker on drums. This might be the classic Barber album in that it blends pop covers, jazz standards, and original material in a thoroughly unique and interesting way. That was not the norm in 1994 as it would be years later. This one also features Barber's first attempt at setting poetry to music with "Mourning Grace," a haunting Maya Angelou work.

Musicians: Patricia Barber, piano, vocal; Michael Arnopol, bass; John McLean, guitars; and Mark Walker, drums, percussion, body parts.


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1.What A Shame 5:24
2.Mourning Grace 6:59
3.The Thrill Is Gone 4:40
4.Romanesque 4:27
5.Yellow Car ]]] 5:08
6.Wood Is A Pleasant Thing To Think About :57
7.Inch Worm 5:03
8.Ode To Billy Joe 5:20
9.Too Rich For My Blood 8:00
10.A Taste Of Honey 4:28
11.Nardis 9:03
12.Manha de Carnaval 3:21
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