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Patricia Barber
RELEASED 08-27-2002

If Nightclub was a left turn, and it was, so too was Verse as Barber followed an all-standards album with her first all-originals album. This one was named #1 Jazz Recording of 2002 by the Los Angeles Times. It contains some of the most refined Barber compositions on record to date including the haunting "Clues," the sultry "I Could Eat Your Words" and the beautiful and poetic "If I Were Blue." A great band too including Dave Douglas on trumpet and Joey Baron on drums.

Musicians: Patricia Barber, piano, vocals, fender Rhodes; Michael Arnopol, bass; Neal Alger, guitars; Dave Douglas, trumpet; Joey Baron, drums (1-8); and Eric Montzka, drums (9).


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1.The Moon 6:02
2.Lost In This Love 3:01
3.Clues 4:57
4.Pieces 5:33
5.I Could Eat Your Words 7:49
6.The Fire 4:49
7.Regular Pleasures 5:40
8.Dansons La Gigue 4:18
9.You Gotta Go Home 3:16
10.If I Were Blue 6:00
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