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Modern Cool
Patricia Barber
RELEASED 06-01-1998

This one earned 5 stars in DownBeat. Say no more. Another strong, blending of material as on cafe blue but heavier on the originals. Features the same band as on cafe blue with the addition of trumpet star Dave Douglas. Highlights include Barber's originals "Touch of Trash," "Company," and "Winter," her version of The Doors "Light My Fire" and her setting of an e.e. cummings poem.

Musicians: Patricia Barber, vocal, piano, table knives on strings; Michael Arnopol, bass; John McLean, guitars; Mark Walker, drums, percussion, body parts; Jeff Stitely, udu; Dave Douglas, trumpet; and Choral Thunder Vocal Choir.


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1.Touch Of Trash 5:27
2.Winter 4:53
3.You & The Night & The Music 8:03
4.Constantinople 8:03
5.Light My Fire 5:16
6.Silent Partner 5:09
7.Company 5:43
8.Let It Rain 5:56
9.She's A Lady 4:15
10.Love, put on your faces 5:46
11.Postmodern Blues 5:49
12.Let It Rain (Vamp) 3:03
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