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The Premonition Years: 1994-2002 ORIGINALS By Patricia Barber
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The Premonition Years: 1994-2002 ORIGINALS
Patricia Barber
RELEASED 05-15-2013

From 1994-2002, the arresting pianist, vocalist and composer Patricia Barber recorded five albums for the then young Premonition Records label. These discs earned critical acclaim and also made her one of the biggest stars in jazz, with a following that sill extends beyond that idiom's core audience. In 2007, Premonition released an expansive box set, entitled Patricia Barber, The Premonition Years, 1994-2002. The box set -- which fully captured Barber's unique m'lange of modern pop, revered standards and inventive originals -- was created with the idea that the three individual CDs would one day be issued separately. Now, Premonition is doing just that. Through her Premonition years, Barber developed into challenging composer and a provocative wordsmith. The NY Times said of her original material, "This is kind of art we need to be on the lookout for everywhere." This disc presents a collection of Barber's best originals recorded for Premonition.

➢ "Barber creates an artful blend of lyrics and music, framed in a literary perspective, for delivery as jazz performance. Remarkable." LOS ANGELES TIMES

➢ "It was as if a skylark had swallowed a bassoon that first moment singer/pianist Patricia Barber opened her mouth; a blues-hooting, nervously flittering bird with smartly semantic wiseacre lyrics beating her own drum vocally and rhythmically. Premonition is where she learned to fly" JAZZ TIMES

1.Touch Of Trash [Originals] 5:26
2.Winter [Originals] 4;53
3.If I Were Blue [Originals] 5;55
4.The Fire [Originals] 4:49
5.Company [Originals] 5:43
6.Let It Rain [Originals] 5;55
7.What A Shame [Originals] 5:23
8.Postmodern Blues [Originals] 5:49
9.If This Isn't Jazz [Originals] 5:07
10.I Could Eat Your Words [Originals] 7:49
11.Pieces [Originals] 5:35
12.You Gotta Go Home [Originals] 3:14
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