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Companion DSD Album Download
Patricia Barber
RELEASED 02-14-2013

Premonition is getting into downloadable DSD with this release of Patricia Barber's companion. companion is a 24/96 kHz recording. It was mixed to 1/2" analog tape, Dolby SR, by engineer Jim Anderson (who also did the recording). David Glasser of Airshow Mastering created the DSD files from the analog mixes.

This download is available only as a complete album (original album in its entirety plus bonus track). It is Single DSD. Files are in .dff format.

As this is Premonition's first foray into DSD downloads, we do anticipate long download times. The entire album is 2.15 GB. Download times will vary of course but generally speaking, it could take awhile. While you are retrieving your files, if your download pauses for more than five seconds or so, simply press the pause button and then the download button again. The download will pick up right where it left off. And, reports from customers are that, for some reason, Firefox is better for our downloads than Safari or Explorer or any other browser. So, if it's not working well using Safari or Explorer, try it with Firefox. For more information, click FAQ under STORE INFO.

Musicians: Patricia Barber, piano, vocal, Hammond B-3; Michael Arnopol, bass; John McLean, guitar; Eric Montzka, drums/percussion; Ruben P. Alvarez, percussion; Jason Narducy, guest vocal (5).

NOTE: companion is a live recording and things do happen when recording live. During "Like JT," our multitrack machine broke down. Jim Anderson continued to mix as we were backing up the entire session to CD in real time. We loved the track so much that we felt it needed to be included. So, "Like JT" is actually live to 2 track, 16/44.

1.The Beat Goes On
2.Use Me
3.Like JT
4.Let It Rain
5.Touch of Trash
6.If This Isn't Jazz
7.Black Magic Woman
8.So What
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